Cloth Diapers ya’ll, cloth diapers

So Justin & I were casually talking about perhaps switching over in an effort to save money . I had no freaking idea that there was sooooo much involved , it’s really a whole new level of parenting lol . Here I thought we’d casually buy some and move on with our lives but no, it’s like being inducted into a society of diaper scholars . I was watching a YouTube video and the woman suggested starting with a diaper trial and then going from there . Do you ladies have any suggestions on how to transition from disposable to reusable diapers ? Now that I think about it, cloth diapering is the last box to check off before I’m officially using ‘attachment parenting’ . Who would have thought lol


When I signed up for my free Netflix trial I somehow screwed it up and ended up being charged, but the card I used only had 2.50 on it so I ended up with a 35 overdraft fee for a 7-8 dollar Netflix charge …. That’s what I get for attempting to be sneaky lol. So it’s 5 am and I can’t sleep and I’m putting my 40 Netflix subscription to good use .

I watched this documentary ‘Of Two Minds’ that bothered me with the accuracy I felt it had about being bipolar . Now I’m watching Portlandia and pumping milk .

The theme song to Portlandia reminds me of last summer when I was living with these two hippies out in Carrboro . They used to watch it all the time . They had a cool little dog and it seemed like the perfect place to harvest my creative spirit lol , but really I just did a lot of walking and biking and wondering . If I was going to live in NC for a while I’d go back to Carrboro in a heartbeat . The whole scene is green and communal and young and alive . Last summer was the craziest time . I was so many different things all at once ..